MHC Event Spring 2024

MHC Event Spring

Today we were guests of Maastricht Heuvelland Culinair at hand archery Amicitia in Cadier en Keer. We then went to Chateau Neercanne where our senses were stimulated in the caves continued with a delicious lunch.

Archery club Amicitia 1893 in Cadier and Keer
The day started sportily at hand archery club Amicitia 1893 in Cadier and Keer, where participants could enjoy hand archery in a relaxed environment with minimal effort and concentration. The culinary experience was provided by cooking studio Thorn, which offered small inspiring vegan snacks.

In the caves of Chateau Neercanne
After archery, we continued the programme with an informative meeting in the caves of Chateau Neercanne. Here, participants were given a brief explanation about whisky and the senses were stimulated by an artisan baker from Kanne. In addition, there was a tour of Chateau Neercanne's beautiful new suites.

The event concluded with a delicious lunch, also provided by Chateau Neercanne, and ended at 12.30pm. This spring event offered a perfect combination of sports, culinary indulgence and educational moments, focusing on shared experiences and learning in a casual atmosphere.







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